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Its owner is an American.."Sada elyom" in the first orphanage in Egypt

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Egypt: Abdo Gamal 

The Messenger of God recommended to them and grant them paradise as well as the recommendation of all the heavenly religions “sada elyoum” inside the first orphanage in Egypt, which is located in the governorate of Assiut in particular. 

Who is Lillian Trascher?

Lillian Hunt Trasher, owner of the first and oldest orphanage in Egypt, who moved from America to live in Assiut, and founded the orphanage in 1911, which was named after her "Lillian Trasher", which receives all orphans, disabled and non-disabled, regardless of their age. 

The area of ​​"Lilian Treacher" is 12 acres, and it consists of 3 playgrounds, 3 swimming pools, 14 buildings, including an elementary school, in addition to many other buildings, including residential buildings, private buildings for the administration and other recreational places within the "Lillian" institution.

Humanitarian Lillian Tracher

The story of the great woman revolves when she did not have children, so she adopted 15 children in order to take care of them and give them the kiss of life, as these children were homeless and homeless, surviving like birds and eating from street garbage. A Woman in Egypt”, “The Mother of the Poor and Orphans”, and “The Saint of Assiut”. Her most common nickname was "Mother of the Nile".

Where is Tracher located?

The Lillian Trasher shelter is located in the capital of Upper Egypt, Assiut Governorate, specifically in the Al-Fath Center, which is not only a shelter, but also an arena for learning and a humanitarian shelter for the homeless. The shelter was expanded by the hands of his sons who learned crafts and handicrafts. And his religion, which some considered a place of tolerance. 

hard days 

The Lillian Trascher shelter protected his children in very difficult days that the country went through at the time, such as, British colonialism, many revolutions, and epidemics such as (cholera and plague), but he did not strip himself of the robes of tolerance and trust and did not abandon his children and those who frequented him as well, and his owner did not tolerate all that in Serving children, orphans and the homeless in Assiut, because it has taken a pledge to receive everyone who knocks on the shelter’s door at any time.