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Packers CB Shemar Jean Charles is among those relegated to the Corona virus before the Brown match

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The mutated coronavirus continues to make its way across the NFL, and on the day dedicated to Christmas, the Green Bay Packers had to put another reserve player on the list of those infected with Corona as the Packers deactivated the reserve cornerback Shemar Jean Charles today, as the team announced the deal before It's a little 1 pm Packers.

This topic comes just hours before kick-off against the Cleveland Browns, with both teams scheduled Packers to start their game at 3:30.

Jean Charles has been understated in defense for most of this season, but he has been an indispensable contributor to the special teams throughout the year Packers.

A fifth-round pick from the Packers earlier this year, Jean Charles has been inactive in the first two games of the season, but has played multiple games for at least ten special teams in each game since then.

This is the third big loss for the Packers special teams this week. On Friday, he placed quarterback Ty Summers and wide receiver Malik Taylor, both key members of those major units, on reserve and one injured, shutting them out for the remainder of the regular season Packers. 

So now Special Teams Coordinator Maurice Drayton will need to find players to fill the Jean Charles slot in addition to these two injured players, and in a much shorter time Packers.

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